Together We Grow

25th – 29th January

Day 1
Power of Mantras

No holding back ! On Day 1 we will immerse you straight into the power of Mantras, storytelling and high vibrations with our  musicians.

Day 2
Into the process

To Activate your energy we gotta shake, breathe, stretch and jump.
Series of active meditations, kundalini yoga and breath work will set us on path towards inner higher vibrations.

Day 3
Stillness is essential

Everything came out of and is going to end in stillness.
“Still meditations, walking in silence and fasting nourishes the path of the observer.”

Day 4
Movement is life

From stillness, movement arises.
Dance, jump, crawl – welcome to the animal world but in the human role, with uniqueness with awareness with sensuality straight into connection and love.

Day 5
Integrate and Celebrate

Apply your knowledge, move with awarenesses, meditate, pray and enjoy the renewed energy of the tribe on trip to the “Other side”…(of the island ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

*The guidance will finish at sunset time on the other side of the island at “The Sanctuary ” – We suggest staying there for 1 night

**Day 6 : You don’t want to leave yet?! Extra Boat trip? Why not! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (extra costs apply)

                    Early bird  : 250 Eur (until 23/12/2019)
     Christmas and New Year Price: 299 EUR (until 6/01/2020)
Last Minute 350 Eur (until 24/01/2020)

Spaces are Limited

Why not !


*Choose accommodation located north of the island (Haad Khom Beach)
1. Ocean view Resort (super close by our Shala and nicest)  more info
2. Coral Bay Resort (budget friendly, 2 min beach walk)  more info
3. AirBnb (Haad Khom Beach offers many Airnb possibilities too) 

*Rent scooter only if you are experienced rider
*Let us know if you would like to stay 1 night on the “Other side” of the island as accommodation is not bookable online


Who will guide you…

Darina Samuel

is Yoga and Meditation Teacher whos journey started in the UK as Fitness Instructor and continued in Asia where she expanded her knowledge in ancient wisdom of Yoga which led her into further realising of the true essence of OneSelf. Through Radiate Love Retreats, Workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings, Darina continues to spread love for Life and its ability to express itself in various and unique ways. Darina is the Founder of Radiate Love Retreats and Co-Creator of Samma Karuna – Awakening & Healing School – Koh Phangan, Thailand.


Izzy Prince

is a Dance Teacher and Body Movement practitioner who has been dedicating his life for over 20 years onto this path, organising dancing festivals, teaching workshops, and performing his craft around the world. He is passionate about dancing being a powerful tool for expressing creative mind and emotions through body movements. He is the founder of Sensuality Movement and KIZZ4U Festival Saigon, Vietnam.

Karolina Rehberg

โ€œAfter working in public service in Germany for more then 15 years and finding myself in a hamsterwheel living, with experience of burn out and depression, I decided to step out of this wheel to follow my inner calling and share my true gifts. Now my motivation and passion is to live authenticly and aligned with my heart. By sharing my experiences and this heart essence through Yoga/ Meditation & intuitive private Sessions, as well through intuitive Massage and Bodywork I am able to help clients to reconnect with their inner strength again.
Karolina is Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist (Thai Yoga Massage & Healing Touch bodywork ยฉ) and was able to study Yoga and its Philosophy in a private Training in Thailand/ Koh Phangan and several Trainings in Germany.