We believe in ...


We teach and live according to our ethics and values of self-compassion, generosity, kindness, truthfulness & respect for all beings.


Good Vibes

Our retreats are fun, stress free & inspiring with the instant feeling that you are part of great Family. We evolve on the journey together but also each in their own time and intensity.

Love & Growth

With loving encouragement we help you to grow and reach your highest potential. Already after one retreat you will find long lasting friendships and people with who you want to connect again on the next adventure.

"Fall In Love With Life Again"

Great Results

With a bespoke program and one-on-one attention and guidance, the improvement in your daily practice, not to mention increased wellbeing and connection to self are results that speak for themselves! Yoga – alignment focus – meditation – coaching – and special events will sparkle new light in your being.

Tailored to your needs

All programs are carefully tailored to your abilities and limitations, using a variety of modalities to reach your desired goals. I will encourage you to lean into your edges in order to expand physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Full Attention

Over 5 hours of personal attention per day will leave you feeling that each moment of your journey is being supported with love. Follow up coaching sessions and online support are included in your Yoga, Awakening & Healing program to ensure that the gifts and tools you receive can be integrated into your daily life back home.

What they say about us

My dear, I can only stress how wonderful I find what you create for us and with us. At the reading “heart opening circle” the magic, energy and warmth was already felt when entering the room, and I will not forget those feelings that appeared during the event. You guys do this with your heart and this is so so beautiful and I can’t wait until the next event. I also have to say that the yoga classes I visit  give me so much, to compensate for everyday life, Who is often stressful. With You, I can just “be” and this gives me so much, not only for the moment, but also otherwise in everyday life. I’m so grateful I was led to you my love keep it up

Jenni Faenger

Having practiced Yoga/Pilates with Darina for over three years, I can happily say that she brings a special kind of energy to the classes!

Her fun and enthusiastic way of teaching makes every session very enjoyable.
She is driven to motivate the whole class towards improvement and development of their technique and understanding, but always has time for individual questions, issues, injuries etc.

Relaxation/Meditation is delivered with warmth and an honest desire to help people feel relaxed and at ease from the stresses and strains of life.

If you’re a total beginner or an experienced yogi – Darina will help progress you on your journey through physical and mental development!

Kev Bungard

Darina is a wonderful Yoga Instructor. I’d highly recommend her with particular emphasis to anyone in recovery from a serious injury or illness. She listens carefully to what you have to say and then offers options in the yoga poses so that people of all abilities/disabilities can get the most from their yoga sessions.

She has been instrumental in my recovery and in all honesty, the day I stepped into her class was the first day my quality of life improved for the better. I owe a great deal of where I am today to Darina and her wonderful patience, understanding, advice and guidance. She sees the person and their capabilities rather than their illness and their disabilities. Thank you and Namaste.

Shazz Mc Latchie

Darina, you have been such a blessing for me. I loved the private coaching with you. Your free spirit and your heart. This amazing experience with you has changed my life in a better way of living, sharing and loving. Thank you 🙏🧡🦋

Catharina Beckers

Wow, ich bin sprachlos. Die Liebe und Hingabe ist so spürbar. Wahnsinn. 😍😍😍

Birthe Schütz

It was a great human and spiritual experience with Darina in the RadiateLoveRetreat Nepal 2019, full of cultural and spiritual cues. All very well organized, both in the cities and in the Himalayan mountains. The tour chosen and the trekking studied in detail and facilities excellent . Lovely yoga and extraordinary meditation. I certainly suggest this experience and I will be present in the next RadiatLove Retreat. A grateful hug, Alice

Alice Pazzi

Amazing experience with amazing people. Left feeling complete and loved! Wonderful place too! Xx

Tom Richardson

Ein absolutes Muss für alle, die sich selbst etwas Gutes tun wollen. Kann es von Herzen weiterempfehlen!! ♥️♥️ Bis zum nächsten mal 🙏💫🧘🏼‍♀️🕉

Carolin Weuthen

The Radiate Love Training was a gift to me and Darina is my angel. She shined out and shared everything I needed for my journey on this special retreat. I can now explore and start my new life with these precious tools and experiences. “Once your mind expands, there’s no way back” – thank you so much Dari love, love, love!! It seems like, I cannot even thank you enough.

Karolina Rehberg

Meet Radiate Love Angels

Darina Samuel

(Founder of RadiateLove)
is Yoga and Meditation Teacher whos journey started in the UK as Fitness Instructor and continued in Asia where she expanded her knowledge in ancient wisdom of Yoga which led her into further realising of the true essence of OneSelf. Through Radiate Love Retreats, Workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings, (more…)

Karolina Rehberg

“Ater working in public service in Germany for more then 15 years and finding myself in a hamsterwheel living, with experience of burn out and depression, I decided to step out of this wheel to follow my inner calling (more…)

Izzy Prince

is a Dance Teacher and Body Movement practitioner who has been dedicating his life for over 20 years onto this path, organising dancing festivals, teaching workshops, and performing his craft around the world. (more…)

Radiate Love Angels

When we got reunited it was like aaaah finally !
We believe in the Creator and our Religion is Love.
With us you won’t feel alone or aside on any of our